What is TripleTrak®?

TRIPLETRAK® is a unique product tracking system whose purpose is to ensure efficacy throughout the supply-chain. The ongoing process tracks all products from the source with the original manufacturer's lot information in all cases.

How Does It Work?

In TRIPLETRAK®, pedigree tracking is done in all instances back to the original manufacturer, rather than an "authorized distributor of record" which is sufficient per the PDMA. To absolutely ensure efficacy of any product sold, each product is labeled with a barcode that identifies MDR as the distributor and has product specific information embedded into it. Only by consistently and accurately performing the tasks set above can pedigree and efficacy be guaranteed for products not bought directly from the manufacturer.

What Does It Mean To You?

The TRIPLETRAK® process eliminates the potential for exposure by ensuring the integrity of the product in the supply-chain. The implementation on the part of MDR required customizing our computer software to carry the pedigree information throughout the entire system. The benefit gained is reassurance that any and all products are safe and come from the original manufacturer. And since we preserve manufacturer's lot and dating infotmation, we can ensure compliance with your dating requirements and notify you of possible manufacturer's recalls for products sold by us.